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Township – City and Farm is an exciting simulation game with a unique combination of city building, farming and economic strategy genres. Build the city of your dreams and develop the economy: grow vegetables and fruits, raise animals on the family farm and sell finished products.

Features of Township – City & Farm

  • Open restaurants, cinemas, cafes and other buildings,
  • Sail to distant islands and trade with island nations,
  • Process the products and crops collected on farms and fields in factories and plants,
  • Fulfill orders from residents of your city and sell goods from the barn to earn in-game currency,
  • Make a lot of friends inside Township – Town and Farm for Windows or play with your friends on Facebook, Google+,
  • Decorate the city with copies of world-famous architectural monuments: the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, etc.


  • Modern graphics with stunning detail, each character is special,
  • In-game quests: explore the mine for ancient artifacts and mining, win banknotes in the Miracle Shop, build a zoo, breed exotic products and complete other tasks,
  • Farming Simulator: Take care of cute animals in a fun farm and grow vegetables and fruits,
  • City-building simulator: a lot of various buildings, a huge amount of decor (trees, statues, fences, etc.), editing the location of buildings, roads and landscape.


There are problems with synchronization and restoration of progress on from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7s and tablets,
There is a constant shortage of building materials for the construction of public buildings and the expansion of the barn.

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