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Traffic Rider for Windows is a racing simulator for lovers of thrills and high speeds on a two-wheeled vehicle – a motorcycle, from the creators of Traffic Racer Studio Soner Kara. 100 km / h is far from the limit – are you ready?


  • Russian-language interface,
  • A large number of tracks,
  • Camera view from the first person,
  • Simple and clear control,
  • Changeable time of day: day/night,
  • Realistic powerful bike sound,
  • Observed real physics of motion,
  • 26 types of powerful motorcycles,
  • Qualitatively detailed 3d graphics,
  • Well-thought-out weather conditions of the game Traffic Rider, driving on roads overtaking in the rain is much harder,
  • In the career mode of the arcade race Traffic Rider for Windows, there are more than 70 missions and 30 achievements,
  • Several game modes on your device: career and endless race.


  • Implemented a donation system,
  • All third-party cars are of the same type,
  • The game contains advertising content,
  • Some levels are significantly more difficult,
  • When you change the device, the gameplay is not saved.
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