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Sokrovishcha Montesumy

In the game Treasures of Montezuma, you will need to collect lines of at least three identical elements. To complete missions and receive rewards, collect the required number of solar crystals in the shortest possible time.

Features of the Treasure of Montezuma

  • Dynamic and exciting gameplay,
  • Beautiful illustrations of the ancient Aztec civilization,
  • Gradual increase in difficulty with each level,
  • Beginners can activate the help card at any time,
  • Lots of interesting and exciting logic puzzles,
  • The ability to make combinations of a continuous chain of elements of the same color,
  • Various bonuses, totems and extra points in Montezuma’s magical calendar.


  • Russian interface language,
  • You can play online with friends,
  • Pleasant soundtrack,
  • Grand prize at the end of each mission,
  • Added a new location ‘city of Indians’,
  • An excellent solution for fans of logic games,
  • The official website of the developer has a video review of the gameplay,
  • It is possible to get a lot of bonuses for a certain number of chips collected with crystals.


  • There are time limits per turn,
  • Some interface elements have been improved,
  • The full version of the game Treasures Montezuma contains more levels
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