TrueCrypt download free from Windows


The main purpose of TrueCrypt is disk encryption. The utility contains all the necessary base, consisting of useful functions for full-fledged data encryption.

Features of TrueCrypt

  • The ability to encrypt a virtual disk and its partitions,
  • Full encryption of the contents of the storage device if removable media is connected,
  • Optimization of TrueCrypt 7.1a with the new version of Windows 10,
  • Supported encryption algorithms are Serpent, Twofish, and AES,
  • Ability to change passwords without losing encrypted data,
  • There is cascading encryption,
  • Ensuring the security of the user’s file system, all the necessary data is securely protected,
  • The encryption program provides a choice of three hash functions for generating encryption keys,
  • The TrueCrypt Foundation developer gave users the opportunity to download the utility for free,
  • The updated version of TrueCrypt includes automatic encryption of information.


  • High-quality encryption of the information carrier,
  • Support Windows system, perfect work with Windows 7,
  • Applying passwords to encrypted disk partitions,
  • The TrueCrypt utility uses the secure aes-256 protocol,
  • User-friendly interface, as well as useful hot keys,
  • TrueCrypt is a free utility available for download without registration, SMS confirmations and other types of authorization,
  • It is impossible to access encrypted data without a password or key files,
  • Hard disk monitoring and space optimization,
  • You can create a virtual encrypted disk,
  • Presence of two levels of plausible deniability for emergency openings of user passwords,
  • The disk encryption process is performed in real time,
  • The ability to create an encrypted dynamic file for storage media and the NTFS file system,
  • True Crypt software is free and open source.


  • The Russian language of the utility is not present in all its sections,
  • TrueCrypt software development is progressing very slowly.
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