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Tunngle is a LAN emulator utility powered by p2p VPN technology. You can quickly create a virtual local area network for multiplayer games with your comrades, as well as users from all over the world. A reliable encryption algorithm will take care of data protection during a network game.

Tunngle Features

  • Convenient messaging system in Tunngle chat,
  • Powerful official server for games in multiplayer mode,
  • Adding friends to bookmarks, there is a black list for unwanted participants,
  • Special features for playing together through Tunngle within the most popular applications,
  • You can save lists of successful frames and sort them,
  • Built-in universal memory manager.


  • The ability to play with other Internet users without
    additional Microsoft software,
  • Active help from tungle official site, open source,
  • Stable thread handler,
  • Option to turn off the sound of Web Frames,
  • The latest version supports the operating system Windows 8 and Windows 10, fixed crashes,
  • Up to 255 players can be added to the game’s private networks,
  • Tunngle features include the formation of your own game rooms,
  • Customizable information display window, changeable skin and color scheme.


  • Tunngle is a VPN client program, therefore, utility network adapter conflicts may occur if Hamachi or another VPN is active,
  • Rare ‘stuttering’ during the connection process, sometimes during the launch of
    a secure connection, the tool displays an error message.
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