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UltraVnc is a special utility that allows you to monitor a remote computer. The application requires an Internet connection and is able to fully work from anywhere in the world.

UltraVnc Capabilities

  • This remote computer management program performs synchronization very quickly,
  • There is a built-in ability to transfer files,
  • Using the keyboard / mouse of the user’s PC to control another computer,
  • Setting up the server component of the connection,
  • Can take UltraVnc screenshots,
  • Ability to work in full screen/window modes,
  • Manage a remote computer with the new Windows 10 operating system,
  • Support for all platforms Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8,
  • Built-in options are easily extended by installing add-ons provided by the developer.


  • Setting up access to another PC,
  • Using the help of the built-in chat in the application,
  • A free program created to manage a remote computer,
  • The desktop can be controlled through the screen of another PC or mobile device,
  • The UltraVnc Team developer is constantly updating the program’s features,
  • The connection is made both via the Internet network and via the local network,
  • UltraVnc easily performs the functions of multiple monitors at once,
  • Available output in full screen mode,
  • Excellent optimization with Windows 7.


  • Additional software can take a very long time to install,
  • Can be distracting built-in chat.
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