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Uninstall Tool is a program for installing and uninstalling various applications, which is similar to a regular tool in the Windows system. It features an improved interface and a wider range of features. The utility will allow you to configure certain applications, clean entries in the registry and autorun your computer’s operating system.

Features of Uninstall Tool

  • You can completely uninstall the program,
  • Providing detailed information about applications, even hidden system components can be viewed,
  • Complete cleaning of program entries, registry and startup,
  • Manually customizable interface in Russian,
  • The utility highlights a recently installed program,
  • A convenient option for effectively sorting applications based on certain parameters,
  • Periodic updates from developers.


  • Work with any current platform from Microsoft,
  • One of the best utilities for installing, removing programs,
  • You can quickly remove unnecessary applications,
  • Launching components for forced uninstallation,
  • There is navigation of the registry entry in the folder and search for the program in the list of existing ones,
  • Providing detailed reports,
  • High-quality cleaning of disk space, a convenient way to improve PC performance,
  • Comfortable control and good implementation of the outer shell of the menu.


  • The uninstaller has a limited free version that lasts 30 days.
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