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Unity Web Player is a great addition to enhance the functionality of your browser. Together with Unity 3DWeb Player, you can enjoy popular games without leaving your browser. The latest version of the utility is available for installation as a special browser plugin.

Features of Unity Web Player

  • Unity Web Player is capable of playing various applications developed on the Unity platform,
  • Supports 3D games and volumetric visualization,
  • Background integration with Chrome, Mozilla and Internet Explorer,
  • Periodic utility updates from the official website,
  • Support for operating systems Windows 7, 8, 10, as well as Mac OS,
  • Extremely simple implementation of the interface and convenient management,
  • Fast installation process of Unity Web Player,
  • You can download Unity 3DWeb Player absolutely free.


  • Ability to work in the background with optimally configured automatic parameters,
  • Support for modern Windows, Mac systems,
  • The Unity player is released as an extension for all popular browsers,
  • An excellent browser add-on for running programs and games built on the Unity engine,
  • The software takes up little disk space,
  • The utility is content created to increase the functionality of the browser.


  • The installation package is not translated into Russian,
  • Sufficiently high hardware requirements.
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