Universal USB Installer download free from Windows

Universal Usb Installer

Universal USB Installer is a program responsible for creating a bootable USB flash drive or distribution disk for an operating system such as Windows or Linux.

Features of Universal USB Installer

  • The installer supports any version of Linux OS.
  • Universal USB involves creating a bootable USB flash drive or disk with operating systems such as Windows Vista, 7 and 8.
  • You can download the free Universal USB Installer.
  • The developer of Pen Drive Linux took care of periodic updates of the application through a source from the official website.
  • Possibility to choose Windows/Linux installation
  • Using the Universal USB Installer program, you can create images of disks and bootable flash drives.
  • Work with FAT16, FAT32.
  • Possibility to format the drive.


  • Download Linux distributions directly from the web.
  • Periodically updated version of the program.
  • Support for Windows operating systems.
  • A nice wrapper interface for the end of the download process.
  • Work with various modifications and versions of Linux.
  • The ability for the user to select the desired distribution.
  • There is a simple interface and a comfortable menu.
  • Easy formation of bootable flash drives.
  • Quick procedure for installing and creating bootable distributions on flash drives.
  • You can download Universal USB Installer for free.


  • There is no implementation of the interface shell in Russian.
  • You cannot install Windows XP or Mac OS X.
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