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Unlocker has one single function – to work with damaged, unnecessary and locked files. The utility takes only a few kilobytes and is fully integrated into the OS. Launched from the context menu by pressing the right mouse button.

Features Unlocker

  • Files and folders occupied by other system programs and processes, or used by another application are forcibly deleted, moved and renamed,
  • Allows you to determine what exactly prevents you from deleting, moving or renaming a file,
  • Files and folders with restricted access or blocked files, damaged objects are forcibly deleted,
  • The ability to unlock with one click, the principle of operation is the same as that of other similar software, but embedding in the explorer menu adds convenience.


  • It is built into Explorer and launched from the Windows context menu, which pops up with a right-click,
  • Easy and intuitive to use to unlock files in a couple of clicks,
  • Does not overload Windows and takes up very little space,
  • Completely performs the function assigned to it – removes the lock on a file that is used by one of the running processes,
  • Exists in versions for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems,
  • Unlocker is distributed free of charge both in the version installed on Microsoft Windows and in the Unlocker Portable version.


  • Unlocker for Windows 7 does not have any additional options, advanced settings and other features,
  • Forced deletion does not always work the first time, often, in order to unlock a file that is currently busy, you have to restart Windows (especially if you need to erase the executable files of currently running applications),
  • The tool may cause system errors if you have deleted an object required by the OS, access to which is denied by the standard scenario.
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