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Uplay is a popular gaming service from Ubisoft. Allows you to buy content for your favorite games, download games, run them online and chat with other gamers.

Uplay Features

  • Automatic update of purchased games,
  • Built-in chat to communicate with other users,
  • The function of reposting news to social networks,
  • A separate version of the application for running games on WinXP,
  • A large number of demo Free4Play projects,
  • Ubisoft Games Club service for iOS and Windows mobile devices,
  • Allows you to take screenshots and videos for games,
  • Receive Rewards and Achievement Points.


  • The presence of a built-in online market,
  • Simple interface in Russian,
  • Low system requirements,
  • Integrated news feed Ubisoft Uplay,
  • You can create lists of friends for communication,
  • The new version of Uplay is compatible with Win 10,
  • Stable software support from the official site,
  • Ability to play multiplayer games Assassin’s Creed, Tom Clancy, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Prince of Persia, Battlefield, Driver san Francisco, etc.


  • Some news and menu items are not translated,
  • Ubisoft Game Launcher may negatively affect the speed of the OS,
  • To fully use the Uplay client, you need to have your own account,
  • To buy internal currency in the Ubisoft Store, you will have to spend real money,
  • To use most of the available Ubisoft video games, you will need to purchase a Ubisoft Connect Uplay subscription,
  • The Uplay store only sells PC and laptop computer games produced and published by Ubisoft – third-party products: Electronic Arts, Valve, Bethesda, etc. are not represented.
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