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Uran Browser is a modern web browser developed by Ucoz based on the Chromium project. Designed for comfortable, high-speed and safe surfing on the Internet without ads on websites. In exchange for no ads, you get integrated Ucoz services. The rest of the browser is indistinguishable from Chrome.

Features Uran Browser

  • A large number of settings,
  • Instant authorization on sites,
  • Fast and secure web surfing,
  • Laconic appearance of the interface,
  • Support for HTML5, CSS3, SVG web standards,
  • Compatibility Uranus Browser with Windows 10,
  • Contains a tab with minimized applications,
  • Thousands of extensions and add-ons from Google Chrome,
  • Blocking pop-up ads from Yukoz sites.


  • Low RAM memory consumption,
  • Uses Chromium source code,
  • Support for the latest web standards,
  • High speed JavaScript processing,
  • Opens many tabs at the same time,
  • Is one of the fastest browsers,
  • RSS and other necessary services are supported,
  • Automatic app updates from Ucoz official website.


  • Rare crashes when launching the Uran program on Windows XP,
  • There may be conflicts when running simultaneously with other browsers.
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