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UserBenchmark is a free application for testing the hardware components of your computer. The benchmark provides the user with a number of useful tools to evaluate the performance of all components, including: CPU, GPU, SSD, HDD, RAM, USB, and so on.

Features UserBenchmark

  • Start scanning with one click,
  • Separate gaming tests 3D Gaming Speed ​​Tests,
  • Function of comparison of indicators Compare Performance,
  • Reposting the results to social networks Twitter and Facebook,
  • Built-in Benchmarking Tool to check the power of the hardware,
  • Developed hint system to improve the characteristics of the hardware.


  • HELP section for beginners,
  • Does not require installation of third-party utilities,
  • User-friendly interface, extremely simple operation,
  • Compatibility of Users Benchmarks with PC Windows 10 and 8.1,
  • The new software version supports AMD Ryzen 3000, 3900x, Radeon Graphics RX 5700, GeForce GTX 1080, etc. processors.


  • English menu.
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