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Vikings: War of Clans is an exciting MMO about the fantasy world of the Vikings from ancient Scandinavia. Here you will develop the village, join clans and defend yourself from enemy attacks. An exciting storyline and dynamic battles will captivate from the first minutes of the game.

Features Vikings: War of Clans

  • A large number of different characters and structures,
  • Many colorful locations on the world map,
  • The ability to join clans and strengthen your army,
  • Own in-game currency,
  • Waging furious conquests and ferocious battles in real time,
  • Global competitions and kingdom battles are held,
  • Obtaining knowledge, extracting important resources necessary for the development of the village.


  • On Google Play and the App Store, there is a version of the game for mobile devices,
  • Exciting and dynamic gameplay,
  • Construction of buildings, training residents in various crafts,
  • Opportunity to get gold, rewards and bonuses for capturing clans,
  • Excellent graphics, nice animation effects,
  • Atmospheric soundtrack,
  • New characters have been added in the latest version of the strategy.


  • There is paid content (improvements, extra points and VIP status),
  • An internet connection is required to play Vikings: Clan Wars online.

System requirements

  • OS Windows 7 and above,
  • RAM: from 512 MB,
  • Video card: 512 MB,
  • Adobe Flash Player 24 Plugin,
  • MS Framework Net 4.0 and above,
  • Processor with a clock frequency of 1.4 GHz.
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