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VimeWorld is a launcher for the popular Minecraft game that allows you to diversify the gameplay and add many new characters, objects and pets. After installing the client, you can select and download the version of the toy you are interested in from the official Minecraft servers.

Vime World Features

  • Wide choice of servers,
  • Variety of mobs,
  • Allows you to create guilds,
  • Improved graphics engine,
  • Interesting ‘Find friends’ function,
  • You can set a block on cheats,
  • Fine adjustment of screen parameters,
  • Unique skins, raincoats, hats are available,
  • Single and online mode with other gamers,
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS platform,
  • Automatic download of the latest versions of Minecraft,
  • Setting up secure access to the room (entry after entering the key).


  • High uptime of Minecraft servers,
  • Separate forum for players,
  • You can view the news feed,
  • Convenient navigation in your personal account,
  • The presence of a convenient widget on the desktop,
  • High popularity in the countries of the former CIS,
  • New visual effects and animations are added,
  • Automatic software updates,
  • Hides your IP address and account from prying eyes,
  • Versatility and cross-platform Vime World Launcher,
  • Receive special rewards and coins for completed tasks.


  • Pop-up windows with a donation offer,
  • Rare crashes when opening the MiniGames button.
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