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Virtualdub is a simple video editor with which you can capture, split, merge fragments, edit video, synchronize sound on a professional level. The high quality of the received content is guaranteed.

Features VirtualDub

  • Batch mode,
  • You can download audio tracks ac-3, mp3, wma,
  • Support for projects in extensions .avs .vdr .w64 .mpv ,
  • Full control of conversion modes – CPU load adjustment,
  • There is a graphic editor, filters and special effects,
  • Cutting and pasting avi files, separate recompression options,
  • Distributed work on several computers in the network,
  • Capturing video from a computer screen, converting audio and clips, adjusting brightness, contrast,
  • Converting, transcoding and compressing materials with a change in frame rate,
  • Virtualdub supports free video formats like mov, pvn, 3gp, mp4, wmv, asf, flic, flv, fli, flc, vob, mpeg-2, mpeg1 and so on.


  • Merges and cuts media by keyframes,
  • The official site provides product support from developer Avery Lee,
  • A large number of launchable extensions: .divx, .mpg, .mpeg, .mpv and other popular formats,
  • Built-in filters, plug-ins and add-ons for high-quality processing,
  • Compact installation file for both 32 and 64 bit systems,
  • Download content over 2 GB, frames per second calculation.


  • There is no Russian interface language,
  • The program for capturing, editing, editing video comes in a ‘naked’ basic version. Plugins to expand the capabilities will have to be looked for separately.
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