Vkontakte.DJ download free from Windows


Vkontakte.DJ is a small program for downloading music and videos from the social network VKontakte. Allows you to upload both individual files and entire albums. It contains a powerful search engine that allows you not only to listen to music, but also to download absolutely any songs.

Features of Vkontakte.DJ

  • Choosing the best bitrate,
  • Pop-up hint system,
  • Huge database of audio and video content,
  • Ability to watch movies and clips,
  • Search, download and listen to music,
  • You can download multiple tracks at the same time,
  • Displaying the text and chords of the composition,
  • Saving playlists in .vkdj, .pls, .m3u formats,
  • Availability of 20 last.fm charts and various radio stations,
  • Download media files from albums of your friends and VK groups,
  • Advanced search for audio and video files by concerts, albums of your favorite artists,
  • Regular updates of the Vkontakte DJ program from the official website of the developer.


  • Ease of installation and removal of software, no need to understand the settings,
  • Intuitive control for VKontakte.DJ user,
  • Low system requirements of the media content loader,
  • The presence of a built-in MP3, FLV player for listening to music and playing video,
  • Search for the desired composition by title and artist,
  • Ability to batch download online, multitasking,
  • No restrictions on the number of downloaded files,
  • The latest version of Vkontakte.DJ is compatible with Windows 10,
  • A constantly updated list of the latest music releases.


  • The presence of advertising banners,
  • Some antiviruses swear at the software – they can interfere with the installation of components – delete the installation files of the media player or add it to quarantine,
  • VkDJ crashes when searching by person ID,
  • Sometimes it is difficult to find and listen to the track of interest, especially if you are interested in copies of licensed audio recordings,
  • The functionality does not imply the ability to save any of the paid audio files, videos are supported to a limited extent,
  • To listen, download audio, watch clips directly in the program, you need to enter the password and login of your account – log in to enter your account.
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