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The VNC Viewer program is designed to remotely control one or more computers. It is a cross-platform application that supports any version of Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Raspberry Pi, Windows, iOS, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Java and Chrome OS.

Features of VNC Viewer

  • Fine-tuning control,
  • Downloading multimedia files,
  • Troubleshooter,
  • Consists of server and client parts,
  • Using hot key combinations and mouse buttons,
  • Support for multi-user mode in the local network,
  • Recording the installation distribution on a removable drive,
  • Performing operations that are not available for the virtual keyboard,
  • Displaying information from other devices on the display of your stationary PC, laptop or mobile gadget.


  • Uses RFB network protocol,
  • Customizable main window size,
  • Setting the optimal screen resolution,
  • Image viewing JPEG, PNG, BMP, RAW,
  • Built-in account protection algorithm,
  • The portable version of the client does not require installation,
  • High speed of launch and connection with the server,
  • The presence of the Help tab for novice users,
  • You can change the level of network bandwidth,
  • Allows you to quickly connect to the desktop of another device,
  • Regular VNC Connect & Control Server updates from developer RealVNC Software.


  • English interface language.
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