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The Vuze program will provide an easy and convenient download of torrent files to the user’s computer. The utility offers the option of exchanging files and data via anonymous p2p network protocols: i2p, tor, etc.


  • Windows OS support.
  • High speed download and data transfer via torrent client.
  • Comfortable data exchange using anonymous protocols.
  • The latest version contains many features, settings and additional options in the file upload process.
  • The Vuze interface is implemented in Russian.
  • Using dht hash tables to improve connection stability.
  • Fast download of audio, video and other files through Vuze.
  • Ability to connect through a proxy server.
  • The download client contains an encryption system during data transfer, as well as anonymous content sharing.
  • Ability to work multi-threaded download mode in local networks.
  • The Vuze interface has a maximum channel rate detector.


  • Ability to upload large files – movies, music, etc.
  • Any modern Windows operating system is supported, including XP, Vista..
  • There is a Russian version of the Vuze program.
  • Multi-download support – running multiple downloads in parallel.
  • Ability to download a large number of files.
  • Support for data encryption protocol.
  • Lots of additional useful features for working with torrent files.
  • The utility makes it possible to run several applications at the same time, but no more than one thread is allocated for each.


  • When loading several large files, there is a high level of load on the Windows system.
  • The Vuze program has a speed detector, but it does not always correctly identify the bandwidth at the beginning of the download, therefore it incorrectly calculates traffic consumption.
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