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Fighting mutants, anomalies and other enemies in War Groups 3, but want to diversify and eliminate annoying ads? Then you are exactly at the right place! We bring to your attention the War Content premium program!


  • The utility is completely Russified,
  • It is possible to purchase special types of weapons for free: grenade launchers, shotguns, assault rifles and much more,
  • The player who installs Var Content is assigned a permanent premium to the game account: all introduced factions and weapons in subsequent updates will be completely free.


  • The group ‘Military Stalkers’ will be cut out of the game,
  • Adding War Content to a smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 with Windows OS is paid, although its cost is not high,
  • After installation, bugs may appear: when moving between locations, the texture disappears, etc.,
  • The War Content extension on Windows is supported only for the new version of the game – War Groups 3. Before installation, you need to update the application client to this part.
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