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In Watch Dogs 2 you can enjoy beautiful graphics, a huge open world and complete freedom of action. Drive different vehicles across sunny San Francisco locations and complete exciting missions while developing your hacking skills.

Features of Watch Dogs 2

  • Huge expanses of San Francisco,
  • Dynamic and exciting trailer,
  • When jumping, elements of parkour are used,
  • Support for single and multiplayer mode,
  • Automatic change of weather conditions and time of day,
  • You can take screenshots and record gameplay on video,
  • Ability to drive a variety of vehicles,
  • The widest selection of various weapons and gadgets for hacking software,
  • The presence of an interesting storyline with a large number of missions,
  • Many control settings using the keyboard, mouse and gamepads,
  • There are versions of the game Watch Dogs 2 Digital Deluxe Edition V for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch platforms.


  • Integration with the Steam Play service,
  • Russian voice acting and interface,
  • Realistic physics, mechanics and animation effects,
  • Includes Action, Shooter, 3D, 3rd Person genres,
  • Fixed indexing error when working with your saves,
  • Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment regularly updates game content,
  • High-quality musical accompaniment (audio recoded in Dolby Digital),
  • It is possible to hack the information city network for right or wrong use,
  • The chic graphics engine is comparable to action games like GTA V, Far Cry 5 and Assassin Creed Unity,
  • The sequel received excellent reviews from leading critics (against the backdrop of a dark previous installment).


  • Takes up a lot of HDD space,
  • Quite a long startup process,
  • More built-in add-ons in the Gold Edition.
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