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An easy-to-learn and size program in which you can create a ringing ringtone for yourself or edit speech from a microfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7. Introducing Nero Wave Editor. The program is by no means comparable to professional software for musicians, but it also has its advantages in terms of ease of use. Having entered it, you will not see a bunch of settings and effects, and besides, in a language you do not understand. The classic-looking interface, which has the Russian language, in which everything fits equally, will not need to be studied.

Features of the WaveEditor

  • Audio playback
  • Audio editor – cut, copy, paste, move, reverse, invert
  • Insert silence
  • Smooth fading at the end and at the beginning (fade-in), sound normalization
  • Export, convert MP3, WAV


  • No clutter of tools, only the most important and in Russian
  • Selection accuracy to hundredths of milliseconds using track scaling
  • Proprietary codecs supporting WAV, MP3, WMA, as well as DSP, PCM, ADPCM, U-LAW, GSM61, PCM, A-LAW
  • Before saving, the file can be changed as you like – changes can be undone, and any action (s in an unlimited number) can be rolled back


  • Slow operation (depending on the characteristics of the computer)
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