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With the Webcam Toy program, you can take pictures through your webcam online. There are unusual effects to quickly improve your video and photos taken with bad photos.

Webcam Features

  • The ability to quickly take a picture and then save it to a computer or send it to popular social networks,
  • A variety of effects can be selected from the menu in real time,
  • Creation of userpics and animated avatars,
  • Capturing video from a webcam,
  • The presence of an intuitive interface, more than 10 languages ​​for your choice,
  • The ability to apply various effects to frames from a digital camera and screenshots,
  • There are mirroring filters, fisheye and many other additions.


  • Optimization with modern versions of Windows 8 and Windows 10,
  • Auto shooting mode on a webcam via Webcam Toy,
  • A large number of visual effects,
  • You can create and administer an archive of home photos and videos,
  • Access to the webcam of the device, regardless of its model and year of manufacture,
  • Quick snapshot, online control of effects,
  • The official website periodically updates the software,
  • The technical information contains detailed instructions for use.


  • You cannot record video in the regular version of Webcam Toy,
  • Periodically pop-up ads at the bottom of the screen,
  • On Windows Vista, there may be rare crashes during the shooting process.
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