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WiFi Warden is a free WiFi security utility. A lot of additional features, a friendly user interface, encryption at a fairly high level – make it an indispensable tool for any modern user.

WiFi Warden Features

  • WiFi analyzer (analysis of the wi-fi channel, ports, distance to the router, security),
  • Connection using a passphrase and pin code,
  • WPS pin generator – to create a safe, secure, crypto-resistant password,
  • Password recovery (you may need the BusyBox application and superuser rights to view saved passwords),
  • Connection encryption,
  • Detailed security guide as applied to wireless networks,
  • Connections without a password, using the answer to a security question.


  • Advanced WiFi channel scanner,
  • Strengthening the security for your wireless network,
  • A wide range of tools to optimize the operation of the router,
  • Conveniently displays the Mac address of the wireless hotspot and the IP address of the service provider,
  • The list of recommendations and security requirements for TP-Link, D-Link, Zyxel, Asus routers is regularly updated.


  • Requires BusyBox installation,
  • Root required for some devices,
  • The distance to the router is calculated approximately,
  • Connecting using WPS connection is not possible on all devices.
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