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With Winamp, you can play all sorts of multimedia files. The player is known for a large number of built-in tools, which allows you to beat the main competitors. Now welcome the new release of Winamp – the media player has been updated after many years of inactivity and offers more features and convenience for listening to music.

Winamp Features

  • Playback of files of popular formats mp3, ogg, avi, mpeg, etc.,
  • Quality surround sound Winamp,
  • Playing streaming media,
  • Many interchangeable covers and skins for the external design of the Winamp interface,
  • Built-in function for recording discs and playing audio discs,
  • An abundance of settings, add-ons and other parameters,
  • There is a good graphic equalizer,
  • Colorful visual effects playback,
  • Comfortable audio playback with smooth transition option,
  • Providing detailed information about compositions, artists and albums,
  • Setting the size of the Winamp interactive window,
  • Fully customizable Winamp player keyboard shortcuts,
  • Possibility to expand functionality with additional plug-ins.


  • Playing not only popular audio, but also video formats,
  • Ten-band equalizer with a lot of settings,
  • High quality playback, customizable playlists,
  • There are various visualizations of the visualization module,
  • Convenient Winamp media library for your recordings,
  • Lots of functionality in new versions,
  • High-quality work based on any current Windows and Mac operating system,
  • Easily change the queue of audio and video files in the playlist,
  • A huge number of plugins available, including even a plugin for controlling the media library of a mobile device,
  • Winamp supports playback of various file formats,
  • In the latest version, the developers have significantly improved the equalizer settings,
  • Integration in the taskbar, there is a Russian shell language,
  • Low system requirements for software that is distributed free of charge,
  • Ability to play videos, podcasts, streaming services, online radio stations (eg Shoutcast),
  • Import to music player from iTunes library, support Google Music and Apple Music,
  • The new version of Winamp allows you to synchronize your PC with the Winamp for Windows application and Apple portable devices, and it also improves optimization with Windows 10.


  • Possible slight slowdowns of Winamp for Windows when opening ‘heavy’ audio, video formats,
  • During the display of album art, intermittent failures may occur,
  • Developer support from the official NullSoft website is no longer provided, but in 2019 a radical new edition of the player from Radionomy should be released.
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