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Windows 10 is the latest edition of the popular operating system for desktops and laptops. Microsoft regularly releases updates for the OS, which, at the moment, includes the best features and functionality from all previous versions of Windows.

Windows 10 features

  • Support for bit depth x64 and x86,
  • Multifunctional task manager,
  • Manual selection of the volume of the system disk,
  • A large number of interface settings,
  • A set of the latest office programs MS Office,
  • Ability to create multiple desktops at the same time,
  • Regular functionality updates from the official Microsoft website,
  • Tools to control your Internet connection and traffic used,
  • The presence of all the necessary drivers in one boot image of Windows 10,
  • Installation of additional software from third-party developers.
  • Microsoft account integration between computers and mobile devices.


  • Simplified work with windows,
  • High performance,
  • Intuitive interface,
  • Convenient desktop icons,
  • There are versions of Windows 10 for 32 bit and 64 bit,
  • Availability of prompts during system installation,
  • Instant detection of a connected flash drive or disk,
  • Built-in process and service startup control,
  • Ability to get answers to questions from technical support.


  • More features in the new version of Windows 10 Pro,
  • The process of downloading the latest updates takes some time and requires internet access,
  • Difficulty of a clean install of Windows for novice users,
  • In order to install Windows 10, one ISO image is not enough, you will need to create installation media using the appropriate software, for example: Media Creation Tool.
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