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Windows Defender is a functional antivirus built into the Windows 10 operating system. It works in the background, automatically scans and detects malicious files in real time.

Features Windows Defender

  • Reliable online cloud protection,
  • Scheduled scan function,
  • Quick removal of malicious objects,
  • Can be enabled or disabled with one click,
  • Allows you to scan an individual folder or file,
  • Powerful tools for diagnosing a computer for infection,
  • Able to monitor, configure and disable system processes and services,
  • Necessary objects can be added to the exclusion list or uploaded to quarantine and disinfected.


  • Launching the application when the device is turned on,
  • Does not require installation and registration, built into the operating system by default,
  • Sending instant notifications about detected problems to the user,
  • In most cases, it does not conflict with third-party antivirus solutions,
  • Integration with the security center, you can create and configure an OS restore point.


  • Not suitable for Windows XP, Vista,
  • After downloading the update packages, a restart is required.
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