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WindowsFix is ​​a small and very useful program for fixing errors in Windows OS. After automatically scanning your system, it displays a list of detected problems and offers options for troubleshooting and troubleshooting.

Windows Fix features

  • Helps to empty the trash,
  • Works in the background,
  • Repairs damaged labels,
  • Eliminates network access errors,
  • Increases the performance of the device,
  • Checks for incorrect file associations,
  • Downloads drivers and independently sets parameters for system software,
  • Displays all detected problems and available solutions in a separate window,
  • Fixes bugs when launching the Task Manager, Command Prompt, Start Menu, Search tab, and Control Panel.


  • Lots of features and settings,
  • Does not conflict with antiviruses,
  • Fast scanning procedure,
  • Detailed tips for beginners,
  • Disabling unnecessary services and processes,
  • Saving reports to a folder on the hard drive,
  • Simple and convenient user interface,
  • The software does not require administrator rights,
  • Clearing the cache in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer browsers,
  • Allows you to get rid of the ‘blue screen of death’, unplanned shutdown or restart of the PC and various errors of DLL, TCP, DNS, IP, Winsock, System File Error, etc.


  • No virus removal option,
  • There may be conflicts with the standard troubleshooter in Windows 10 Enterprise.
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