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The computer On-Screen Keyboard allows you to type text when it is impossible to do so in the standard way. It is an indispensable tool in case of a malfunction of the regular keyboard on your computer. Contains a minimal set of functions for entering text and working on the Internet.

Features Windows On-Screen Keyboard

  • One-click launch,
  • Using hot keys,
  • Quick layout switching,
  • Tool for accelerating button presses,
  • Supports autorun along with OS startup,
  • Automatic rotation when switching to tablet mode,
  • Offers a section with background information for beginners,
  • The function bar can be moved to any part of the screen.


  • The presence of the Win key,
  • Does not conflict with antiviruses,
  • Can print in different languages,
  • Simple and intuitive interface,
  • The software does not require installation,
  • Lack of failures and errors when entering letters and symbols,
  • Integration with Go Keyboard, Cheetah, Smart Keyboard Pro, On-screen Keyboard Portable, Kika 3D, TouchPal, etc.


  • Possible slowdowns when activating the application,
  • There are no built-in Emoji emoticons, fonts and other ‘chips’.
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