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WinMTR is a utility for getting trace data from your PC to a remote host. Checks for losses in the communication channel and the response time of each, allows you to evaluate the quality of the Internet connection.

Features of WinMTR

  • To start the diagnostics, just press one button,
  • Access to detailed test reports,
  • Works online, does not require registration,
  • Combines the functionality of the utilities ping, tracer, passping,
  • Saving test results in TXT or HTML formats,
  • Get a trace route from the local PC to the remote host.


  • Support for TCP and UDP protocols,
  • The utility can be run without installation,
  • Work with different models of routers,
  • Convenient management, intuitive desktop,
  • Handles hosts not responding to ICMP requests,
  • Client compatibility with different versions of Windows and Linux,
  • On the official website of the developer of the WinMTR program, there is a Help section with help for novice users.


  • English localization,
  • Understanding how computer networks work is essential.
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