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WinNTSetup is a free program for creating an additional boot module for the Windows operating system. Allows you to install a second OS on a free partition of your hard disk or on a virtual HDD or flash drive.

Features of WinNTSetup

  • Supports unencrypted ESD files (LZMS / compressed WIM),
  • Built-in tools for creating a bootable USB flash drive,
  • Setting the display options for icons and shortcuts on the desktop and in the tray,
  • Preview and integration of the drivers required by the user,
  • Connecting to the network, downloading additional files, changing system configurations, etc.,
  • In the future, using the software, you can carry out a full installation of Windows on a laptop or home PC,
  • Work with all existing WIM formats: WIM / SWM (XPRESS / LZX / XPRESS HUFFMAN / Wimboot compression).


  • Wide choice of installation OS,
  • Useful backup function,
  • Fully Russified version of WinNTSetup Portable Free,
  • Allows you to load various libraries through WPI,
  • The software is regularly updated by the official website of the developer,
  • Diagnostics for the presence of bad blocks, testing the boot area,
  • Flexible pre-installation settings (system folder, Uxtheme.dll patch, paging file, drivers, etc.).


  • In some cases, the installation process takes a long time.
  • Although there are instructions, certain options may be difficult for novice users.
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