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WinThruster is a useful and unique application for finding and fixing system errors related to the registry and OS startup. Helps improve the performance of your computer and ensures the stability of various applications and services.

Features WinThruster

  • Built-in download manager,
  • Fixes problems in DLL files,
  • Schedule monitoring function,
  • Able to detect and remove viruses,
  • Increases the boot speed of a PC or laptop,
  • Allows you to disable startup components with one click,
  • Integration into the context menu and notification panel,
  • It can find and fix problems in the system that arose after installing one or another software.


  • Fine program settings,
  • Keeps track of utility updates,
  • Option to start along with the start of the OS,
  • Adjustable program window size,
  • Improves device functionality,
  • Working with products of the Windows family,
  • Low requirements for computer resources.


  • Does not support XP and Vista,
  • Possible conflicts with Microsoft Defender, McAfee Security, and CCleaner.
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