WM Recorder download free from Windows

Wm Recorder

WM Recorder will help you save on your computer as a playable file, various audio or video streaming. In addition, it has additional tools to increase the convenience when intercepting a ‘stream’.

Features of WM Recorder

  • Capture streaming video and audio and save to hard drive,
  • WM Recorder is capable of capturing streaming data from multiple sources while simultaneously recording multiple files,
  • Setting a secure password for finished videos,
  • In case of problems, the program automatically optimizes the quality of the recording in relation to your Internet speed (if you have a low speed), and also gives you the opportunity to continue the interrupted recording in the same file.


  • Extremely simplified interface, intuitive for everyone,
  • 4 interception methods – ADA, WMX, PRO, URL, all in high quality,
  • The program supports popular formats for playing and streaming audio, video – AVI, WMA, WMV, ASF, ASX, WAV, RM, RA, MOV, FLV, MP3, MPEG, quicktime, streaming mp3, as well as from Windows Media players, Real Audio, Real Video and Flash Video. You can save finished files in the same formats,
  • Supports RTSP, HTTP, MMS protocols.


  • Shareware version. Full costs a lot of money,
  • Interface language in English. With an abundance of settings and functions, many may misunderstand what is written in the program.
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