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If free utilities do not help you recover deleted or lost videos, audios, files, data on your PC, we recommend downloading Wondershare Data Recovery from the official website . A powerful utility with an original name helps even in the most difficult cases.

Features of Wondershare Data Recovery

  • Lost file recovery – recovery of photos, audio, video files, documents, archives, letters accidentally deleted from the hard drive,
  • Lost partition recovery – recovery of lost partitions (logical), as well as their data if the file system is damaged,
  • Deleted file smart recovery (raw recovery) – deep scan in case there was no information in the list of previous results,
  • Resume recovery – saving search results and folder structure to a file for later recovery,
  • The ability to find damaged objects on a permanently used system partition and restore their maximum preserved part.


  • The program is easy to use, the wizard will help you find deleted, formatted data in 3 mouse clicks,
  • Scanning takes place in two modes – quick starts automatically, and full at the request of the user,
  • Found files are conveniently sorted by formats, displayed as a folder tree,
  • Quick search for hidden and lost partitions through the built-in assistant,
  • Filtering found files by specified parameters, for example, extensions of different types: jpg, png, gif, txt, doc, rtf, etc.,
  • Recovery of lost objects is quite fast, saving and importing is almost instantaneous (if the size is small),
  • The preview function helps to identify the target files with greater accuracy, filter and search are also available,
  • All popular storage media are supported, Wondershare Data Recovery scans the memory of external hard drives, mobile from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7s, digital cameras, flash drives and other external attached devices with fat, ntfs, Max OS hfs file system.


  • Russian language is missing,
  • Once the scan results are obtained, continuous recovery will fail unless a license has been purchased.
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