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WordPress is a content management system that combines powerful functionality with ease of use. Built-in tools will help you create websites, blogs and web applications. You will be able to follow the development of your project, fill it with new content, download various extensions, etc.

Features of WordPress

  • Download media files with one click,
  • A set of tools for SEO optimization,
  • User privacy protection,
  • Support for CSS, HTML, XML, Netcat, WooCommerce,
  • Detailed instructions for introducing beginners to the functionality,
  • Thanks to a powerful engine, it speeds up the site and saves traffic,
  • Automatic highlighting and correction of errors in the text, using the Atom editor,
  • Allows you to add links to VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. services,
  • Preview option, with which you can see how the web page will look in Runet,
  • An excellent plugin system, together with a successful template architecture, will help you build almost any site.


  • Open source,
  • Convenient admin panel,
  • You do not need to run the distribution kit with the program,
  • Login to your account using your username and password,
  • Shows the full name of the page address,
  • Access to the forum of users and developers,
  • Pleasant Russian-language localization of the main menu,
  • Allows you to immediately start working with your project,
  • Using the search button, you can find any add-on,
  • Completely free engine, simple domain registration,
  • Regular software updates from the official site wordpress.com,
  • Improved notification system, added a high-quality tooltip,
  • Written in the PHP programming language, works with the MySQL server,
  • Compatibility of the current version of WordPress with Windows 10 and all popular browsers,
  • You can customize and add RSS feed, news, headings, forums, ad blocks, press releases, etc.


  • Availability of paid extensions in the online market,
  • There may be errors when creating complex services, it is better to use third-party website builders.
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