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XCOM 2 is a continuation of the tactical strategy about the war between mankind and alien invaders. Perform exciting special operations, build secret bases, hire new squads of fighters and create powerful weapons needed for the total destruction of aliens.

Features of XCOM 2

  • Various tasks and quests,
  • A wide selection of units and weapons,
  • You can customize your own avatar,
  • The ability to improve the equipment of soldiers,
  • Spectacular skirmishes with crowds of enemies,
  • The aliens have a high level of AI,
  • Exciting story trailer and gameplay,
  • Automatic saving of the game process,
  • Awards and trophies for the successful completion of missions,
  • Lots of huge randomly generated locations,
  • Passage of the campaign alone or in multiplayer mode.


  • Russian-language interface and subtitles,
  • Integration with the Steam Workshop service,
  • You can record the passage on video,
  • Nothing is cut or recoded,
  • Various forums and blogs of toy fans,
  • Quick account registration for multiplayer,
  • Realistic physics and mechanics, high-quality animations,
  • Built-in Codex privacy protection technology,
  • Contains genres Strategy, Real-time, Turn-based, Tactical, 3D Game,
  • Excellent graphic implementation, atmospheric soundtrack,
  • There are versions of XCOM 2 for PS4, Xbox One, 360, Nintendo Switch.


  • English voice acting.
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