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Xvid Codec

XviD Codec is a good utility that is a video archiver. The codec helps to compress various video files, as well as reduce the amount of space occupied in the computer’s memory, in addition, XviD Codec is especially popular among fans of sending video content on the World Wide Web, as it has a positive effect on increasing the transmission speed.

Features of XviD Codec

  • Compresses video files without affecting the loss of overall quality,
  • Converts various MPEG-4 standard files,
  • There is a built-in option for editing program code,
  • Ability to combine Xvid with DivX or 3VIX.


  • The source code remains open,
  • The utility occupies a completely symbolic place on the hard drive,
  • It is possible to download XviD for free,
  • The launch is made instantly immediately after installation,
  • There are no requirements for additional settings,
  • Xvid is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and Windows XP,
  • The file size becomes noticeably smaller.


  • Lack of a full-fledged interface for managing all the functionality of the codec,
  • Periodic slowdowns of the system during the archiving process,
  • Archiving videos can take quite a long time,
  • The Russian language is not fully adapted.
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