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Olenemer for World of Tanks is one of the most popular complex mods for many tankers around the world. With XVM, you will be able to see the performance rating of the players in battle, their percentage of wins, the chances of capturing the base and many other data.

Features XVM reindeer for WoT

  • There is a smart mini-map,
  • Shows the log of the damage dealt,
  • Indicator light tanks in the ears,
  • The presence of an advanced notification center,
  • Adjustment of all parameters in the settings file,
  • Contains functional mod ‘Sixth Sense’,
  • Two installation options: manual and automatic,
  • Ability to download various add-ons for Olenemer,
  • Compatibility of the new version of XVM for World of Tanks with Windows 8,
  • Displaying the most detailed statistics of players in battle, taking into account all sides.


  • Easy installation and configuration,
  • Quick start when loading a battle,
  • Modified health bar,
  • Access to a large number of configurations,
  • Notifications about the release of new versions of WoT,
  • Function of manual switching of ratings,
  • Convenient integration under the game interface,
  • Improved vehicle icons and base capture strip,
  • Built-in table of damage statistics and the number of frags,
  • The official XVM website updates the application regularly.


  • Possible slowdowns on a weak PC,
  • Not the easiest controls for beginners,
  • In the current version of XVM Light, some of the functionality has been cut,
  • It is temporarily impossible to enable the vehicle selection mod in the hangar (WoT 1.1).
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