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Yandex Alice is a popular virtual voice assistant from the Russian company Yandex. It successfully imitates a live dialogue with the owner of a mobile device and quickly finds answers to any questions.

Features of Yandex Alice

  • Allows you to plot routes,
  • Various themes for interface design,
  • Built-in weather forecast, clock and calendar,
  • Ability to find music, videos and images,
  • There is a version for computers based on Windows,
  • Synchronization between all your devices,
  • The assistant is able to perform mathematical operations,
  • Alice’s main function is to solve everyday problems,
  • Feedback is available from the developer support service,
  • Integration with Yandex Maps, Search, Traffic, News,
  • Quickly processes voice requests and finds answers on the network,
  • Launch applications and games installed on a smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 or tablet,
  • Using neural networks to improve the capabilities of the mobile application from Yandex.


  • Minimum required settings,
  • Beautiful widget on the desktop,
  • Low system requirements,
  • The functionality is more interesting than that of competitors,
  • Trained on a huge array of texts,
  • Ability to clear browsing history,
  • Speaks in the voice of actress Tatyana Shitova,
  • Yandex.browser with Alice is also released for PC,
  • Displaying your location on the map,
  • It is an analogue of Google Assistant and Siri from Apple,
  • Accepts oral and written input,
  • Allows you to manage Yandex. station,
  • About 100 million downloads from the Google Play store,
  • Convenient search bar and news feed with tabs,
  • Able to both acquaint with stock quotes and find a funny picture,
  • The new version of the software supports from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7s and tablets based on Windows and iOS,
  • The voice assistant Alice is constantly updated by the official website of Yandex,
  • Alice’s voice assistant recognizes speech and can respond according to the emotional dependence of the context.


  • For the full operation of Yandex Alice on Windows, an Internet connection is required.
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