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Yandex.Music is an application that allows you to listen to your favorite tracks and albums online. Able to analyze the media library of a mobile device and create playlists with a list of new songs that match your taste preferences.

Features of Yandex.Music

  • Huge database of over 8 million tracks,
  • Allows you to view lyrics,
  • Listening to music in the built-in player,
  • Ability to create a separate playlist,
  • There is a version of the software in the form of an extension for the Chrome browser,
  • Yandex.Music application compatibility with Windows 4.0 and higher,
  • Offers thematic selections of audio tailored to your tastes,
  • Search by artist, song or album name is available,
  • Quick authorization using an account from popular social networks.


  • Easy subscription payment,
  • Convenient search bar,
  • Offline listening function,
  • Provides high quality sound,
  • Finds all audio files in the device memory,
  • Manage saved tracks and playlists,
  • Intuitive interface in Russian,
  • Playing files from multiple storages,
  • The ability to listen to music and download it to your from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 or tablet,
  • Automatic software updates from the official website of the developer.


  • For the correct operation of the Yandex service, a high-speed Internet connection is required,
  • To listen to music without restrictions, you need to subscribe to a paid subscription.
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