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YouCam Makeup app is a top image editor for beauty processing and instant transformation of photos and videos on your mobile device. A virtual beauty salon in your smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 or tablet will help you make up and correct imperfections in two clicks.

Features of YouCam Makeup

  • Virtual cosmetic set with all the basics: lip gloss, foundation, blush, powder, mascara, shadows, eyeliner, etc.,
  • Quick correction of imperfections: removal of skin shine and bags under the eyes, elimination of red eyes, whitening of teeth, removal of spots and pimples,
  • Correction of natural facial features: an increase in the size of the eyes, a change in the shape of the nose, the volume of eyelashes,
  • Artistic processing of photos using a huge set of built-in filters,
  • Saving the result in high quality and sharing photos on social networks.


  • Precise recognition of the contours of the face, eyes, lips in automatic mode,
  • Applying virtual makeup manually and applying ready-made makeup schemes in real time,
  • A smart skin condition detector helps to detect the appearance of eye circles, wrinkles, spots and adjust care in time,
  • Community with regular updates: fashion trends, makeup ideas from professional stylists, care tips,
  • Fine adjustments, changing the intensity of filters help to apply makeup at a professional level.


  • In real-time processing mode, there is no menu for working with eyebrows,
  • During editing, the application sometimes slows down and crashes,
  • The skin smoothing tool sometimes removes excess (for example, moles).
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