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Astroprocessor ZET is a universal astrological program with powerful tools for a professional astrologer. Allows you to build individual horoscopes and astrological forecasts in the form of graphs. Supports saving files on the hard disk and high-quality printing on the printer.

Features of ZET 9

  • Displays dynamics with retrograde indicators,
  • Derivation of hypothetical and symbolic cycles and rhythms,
  • Availability of a panel with auxiliary service functions,
  • Setting the astro clock mode, the data on the screen is synchronous with the PC clock,
  • Construction of a natal chart using various directions and progressions,
  • Rectification of the date of birth with the position of the planetary orbits, setting the lots,
  • You can manually set a specific period for calculating interpretation data,
  • Regular software updates from the official website of the developer,
  • Saving your files in TXT or HTML format, printing on a laser or inkjet printer,
  • Call from the context menu by right-clicking the mouse or through a shortcut on the desktop of the computer,
  • Support for calendars and tables ‘Heavenly Sphere’, Bindhu, Hermes’ trutina, double Natal map,
  • Work with the base, consisting of 9100 stars (Yale Bright Star) with indication of latitude, longitude, degrees,
  • Calculation of coordinates using a block of Swiss ephemeris with cartographic accuracy up to 0.1 second of arc.


  • Flexibility of useful settings,
  • Issuance of Sabian symbols,
  • Multimedia Oracle of the Book of Changes,
  • Regularly updated catalog of tacts,
  • Can be run in administrator mode,
  • High accuracy of astronomical calculations,
  • Creation of tables of compatibility of signs of the zodiac,
  • Quick reset of the project to the original parameters,
  • Insert text mark with one click,
  • The complete absence of fictitious calculations, errors are excluded,
  • Protection of confidential information (password for a file or folder),
  • Oriented for pros and beginners (there is a reference section),
  • Allows updating libraries ZET dBase, asterfont.dat, starfont.dat,
  • Using the latest graphics technologies, visual relocation and compositing.


  • Some features are only available in the paid Pro version.
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