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Zombie Catchers is a game for Windows, the plot of which will definitely surprise you! Do you think the theme of the walking dead has long been beaten? Have you tried, for example, squeezing lemonade out of zombies? If not, then do not dare to say that the theme of the zombie apocalypse is trite and not interesting.

Zombie Catcher Features

  • Play for free, without registration and SMS,
  • Unlock new locations and maps as you progress,
  • Develop eateries with the most unusual treat in the world,
  • Catch brain eaters in the bog using baits,
  • Track the undead in the territory with the help of special drones,
  • Use harpoons and other contraptions to catch zombies.


  • High-quality atmospheric soundtrack,
  • A brand new take on the hackneyed zombie hunting theme,
  • Secret laboratory for processing zombies into cocktails,
  • A whole arsenal of traps, uniforms and weapons in the store,
  • Unusual obstacles: bats, crabs, storks, seagulls, sharks, etc.,
  • The unusual goal of the protagonist: to catch the dead and make them … lemonade,
  • Convenient control with a virtual joystick on your from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 or tablet.


  • Energy will quickly be used up and you have to wait a long time for recovery, or invest real money.
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